TV for an Anglophile

Growing up where we did, our TV viewing and music tastes were shaped by what was popular in Europe or Australia.  It’s why we were listening to Ricky Martin and Oasis years before our American cousins or can recognize Kylie Minogue from Neighbors.  I didn’t say we were proud of it, it’s just what we had to work with.  Recently, due to being incapacitated by a wisdom tooth extraction, I found myself wanting to fill my time with something that required very little effort on my part.  The solution: watch TV!  (Groundbreaking, I know.)  But being the TV addict I am, I had already exhausted my wide array of cable channels in search of quality programming, so I decided to return to my roots: the BBC!

Over the next series of posts, I will share with you how the BBC helped nurse back my inner anglophile.  Or as I call them, the “anglo-files”.  (You see what I did there?)

I started out with a show I was already familiar with and enjoyed on some level already: Doctor Who.  For those of you familiar, the Doctor Who universe has existed long long before I came around.  And I have to say, it’s aged well.  Admittedly, I didn’t go back to the older series from the 60’s but started with Series 1 from 2005, and I haven’t look backed since.  If you enjoy a side of campyness with your sci-fi, then it’s definitely worth checking out the tale of the last Time Lord as he travel through space and time.  I dare you not to fall in love with David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor.  And if you pull it off, well you’re a better person than I.    Make sure not to miss the specials between the series though; they’re essential to the mythology…and just awesome!

Catch up on the first 5 seasons so you can join the rest of us Whovians on April 23 for the new season.


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