TV for an Anglophile – Mystery Edition

Continuing on with my “anglo-files”, it’s the mystery edition.

Thanks to some random channel surfing one day, I stumbled upon a new BBC gem being shown on PBS: Sherlock.

For those of you who already fans of the great detective, you, like me, were probably excited when Guy Ritchie brought our man to the big screen.  Though not the greatest of adaptations, it was an enjoyable ride.  However, as fan of Sherlock since I was a kid, this BBC update is everything I wanted the film to be.

This modern day version of Doyle’s celebrated detective sucked me in within minutes.  With Benedict Cumberbatch in the role, Sherlock Holmes was exactly as I pictured him, minus the cellphone – cocky, arrogant, and absolutely brilliant.  Martin Freeman, a familiar face for those of you fans of The Office’s original version, plays the reluctant sidekick and roommate, Dr. Watson.  The chemistry between the two actors really bring these stories to life and makes the series all that more enjoyable.  The first episode, A Study in Pink, is a great start to the series, as it shows us the start to Holmes and Watson’s friendship and their first foray as partners.

There’s only 3 episodes in the first series, with each episode about 90 minutes long.  The series received critical acclaim, and it doesn’t hurt that both writers of the series are from Doctor Who and genuine fans of the source material.  For those of you who were looking for more from the big screen adaptation or for a great detective show, this is the series for you.  And don’t fret, the BBC has ordered a second series to be aired this summer.



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