The Cloud Messenger By Aamer Hussein

I wanted to share a book that recently resonated with me, The Cloud Messenger by Aamer Hussein.  It can be described as a short, poetic paean to memory and also to relationships. It’s the tale of Mehran who comes of age in a world that seems transitory. Born in Karachi, he soon winds up in London, where he develops relationships, friendships and love affairs that seem to shape his identity and provide him with a rootedness he longs for.  Hussein beautifully captures the sense of melancholy and longing that often comes with a search for identity and a desire to belong. Interspersed throughout are beautiful passages from Urdu and Farsi poetry, as well as from Meghaduta by Kalidasa (a classical, Sanskrit poem). It leaves you dreaming of lost places and wondering yet again where home really is.

Read this review from The Jordan Times which nicely captures the beauty of this book.  And another one here from The Telegraph.  And if you do decide to read it, please do share your thoughts.


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