A New Year

Hello, world!

It’s the start of a new year! A year shrouded in the possible apocalyptic fate of the world, as revealed by the ancient Mayan calendar. A year of another US presidential election – how quickly these four years have passed (or, to

Tim Chong/Reuters - Marina Bay, Singapore

some, perhaps not quickly enough).  A year that will bring forth a new era of leaderships across the Middle East and North Africa. A year that may finally bring a return to global financial health, or, more possibly, another financial crisis.  A year the world will watch the drama of competition unfold as their Olympians take center stage this summer in London.

There is no telling what may happen in 2012.
And like every year, New Year resolutions and promises of change are being made as marketing schemes are being hatched to help you achieve them. Weight loss, health and fitness advertisements soar. Many actually achieve the goals they set out for themselves.  For others, it becomes another year of missed opportunities.

Well, we certainly don’t want to miss any opportunities on our blog. We hope to continue providing thought-provoking, entertaining, hopefully informative bits of content on Living Between Worlds. Please do share any thoughts and ideas on what you would like to hear from us or what you have enjoyed the most from us in the past year.

Happy New Year from J and N!


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