For the Good of it All

This past Friday, the internet was taken over by a five-year-old superhero.

The story of Miles Scott and his wish to be Batman was shared across every social network and followed closely by multiple news and entertainment websites. Thousands were there to cheer him on as he battled evil villains around Gotham City as his alter ego, Batkid. His joy and spirit were infectious through every like, share, tweet, and status update. Common responses to the story ranged from “How adorable!” to “What a great thing to do for him!” to “This restores my faith in humanity.”

It’s the last of these three, or some variation thereof, that I saw the most often. The disbelief that there was still some good left in the world.

This was further illustrated when I noticed another person’s status update relaying the shock a stranger experienced when this person held the door open for them. The stranger responded with, “No one does nice things like that anymore.”

And it struck me.

Have we all really become that jaded? That cold? That something as simple as opening a door is now greeted by shock? Forget about a whole city coming together to help a little kid live his dream, but just opening a door? Is this the world we live in?

Because I’m pretty sure I don’t.

In the past week alone, I’ve seen people, with no ties to those affected, try to raise funds and awareness for the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. I’ve read stories of middle school football teams creating memorable moments for their teammates. I’ve seen footage of an international movie star take time out on the red carpet to console a young fan. And I’ve had someone wait and hold the elevator door open because they saw me struggling down the hall with bags full of groceries.

It doesn’t matter who does it. Or to what scale. What matters is that there is, in fact, good out there. And for some reason, we’ve forgotten all about it.

Maybe it’s because we’ve stopped talking about it. Maybe, we’re so engrossed in scandals, tragedies, and snarky commentary that that’s what we expect everyday. We’re no longer hearing about feel-good moments that we no longer recognize them in our own lives. Maybe that’s too simple or too lazy of an explanation. But whatever the case may be, it’s affecting how we see the world. And it will, ultimately, affect how we deal with the world.

So, let’s make “good” an everyday concept again. Let’s talk about the good, nice, kind things we’ve seen. Let’s do the good, nice, kind things we want to see. Because it’s really not that tough.  It’s as easy as opening a door.


One thought on “For the Good of it All

  1. It is so beautifully written, it needs a sincere heart with positive feelings and observing eyes to write a piece like this. Congratulations,

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