Chai Break


We’ve decided to start a weekly series, Chai Break.  Every week we’ll be sharing what’s on our mind, what we’re loving, and what we’re not.  It’s everything we’d talk about over a hot delicious cup of chai.  It’s time for this week’s Chai Break!

Best: Thanks to her good friend, who happens to be a psychiatrist, Nadia began Experiment # 1 in Pam Grout’s E  – Pick up the book to learn more! It’s amazing!

Worst: Nadia found out that fluoride is bad for hypothyroidism, something both of us have. The worst part is that it is found in black tea.  We’re Pakistani…we LOVE our chai!!

Best: Juveria had a wonderful California sibling reunion with all of her nieces and nephews.  A great winter escape.

Worst: Juveria had to come back from California to Polar Vortex: The Sequel.

Best: Nadia’s new black cherry lipstick. It gives a blah outfit and blah hair day a super awesome lift.

Worst: Nadia started reading Zadie Smith’s NW, which is, so far, an utter drag.

Mediocre: Juveria read selected stories by Manto.  Unfortunately, some things ARE lost in translation, but still worth the read.

Best: Juveria watched all of the third season of Sherlock (trailer below).  So good!

Worst: Nadia telling Juveria about flouride in chai. Juveria is thinking of breaking up with her.

Best: The creation of this weekly series!  We’re hoping it helps you enjoy your chai break!


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