Chai Break

It’s time to share what’s on our mind, what we’re loving, and what we’re not.  It’s this week’s Chai Break!chai

This piece on portraits of Afghani children in Pakistan. So heartbreakingly beautiful. Bringing light to a population that often gets ignored.

Hilarious! The Reality Behind Instagram Feeds. “…[INSERT PERSON] IS THE HAPPIEST…PERSON ON THE PLANET BECAUSE SHE IS ALWAYS AT BRUNCH…OR ON VACATION…OR AT A CELEBRITY STUDDED EVENT”  Don’t we all have those people pop up on our feeds? In fact, aren’t we all that person sometimes?

The next two weeks for Juveria are going to be spent in 70 degree weather, as she makes her annual trek home.  Some much needed R&R in the place she grew up!

Nadia made amazingly delicious daal  earlier this week. This hearty dish with kale mixed in made dinnertime a breeze. (Recipe inspired by The Spice Spoon)

The Super Bowl is this weekend.  And all those expensive ads, which tend to portray women in a less than flattering light.  The Representation Project is taking on sexist advertising, and you can help!  Check out their app, #NotBuyingIt!

Also, Nadia has no interest in the Super Bowl.

Speaking of nationally televised events, how boring were the Grammys last weekend?  That thing needs a complete overhaul.

If you’re not watching the Super Bowl this weekend or are trapped in your house because of snow, you can join us in pretending we’re hanging out at one of these gorgeous bookstores!

Have a great weekend everyone!  And Happy Chinese New Year, what’s in store for you this year?


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