Chai Break

It’s time for this week’s Chai Break…

It’s the Olympics!  As Juveria prepares to cry about whichever athlete NBC decides to exploit the struggles of and finally learn the rules of curling, there’s also the more chaientertaining roundup of @SochiProblems detailing the polluted water, stray dogs, and other planning mishaps that welcomed the Olympians to read about.  We doubt there’s ever been a planning committee who has gotten more coverage than the games itself.

Nadia had to trek through snow and sleet to get to work on Tuesday. She walked; she took a crosstown bus, and then a subway. It was brutal. But a kind stranger offered her a pair of brand new DRY socks..!

As much as we love the celebration of culture, the disregard by the organizers of the Sindh Festival in Pakistan for the preservation of historic sites has been alarming.  The “opening ceremonies” of the two week long affair took place on the site of one of the oldest urban settlements in the world, Mohenjedaro.  Archeologists vehemently opposed the holding of the festival on the site because of its fragile state.

This letter written by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd to Scarlett Johanson about her SodaStream Ad.

At the recommendation of our best friend, Sana, Nadia read “The End of Your Life Book Club” by Will Schwalbe (a memoir about his mother, Mary Ann Schwalbe’s, life and battle with pancreatic cancer. She was, amongst many things, the founder of the Women’s Refugee Commission). A book filled with beautiful anecdotes including this one “…..I’m also talking about kindness, not just about being nice. You can be gruff and abrupt and still be kind. Kindness has much more to do with what you do, than how you do it.”

This amazing recipe featured on Cup of Jo for Nutella Banana Bread. What.

Also Juveria hates chocolate. That’s right. Hates.


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