Chai Break

It’s time to for this week’s Chai Break!

Juveria’s annual trek home has come to an end and she is not ready to leave.  What a great trip spent with wonderful family and friends.  Back to the cold…chai

Beautiful images designers share and one word that describes their upcoming collections for New York Fashion Week Feb. 2014 (#nyfw): Fashion’s Mood  Board: 164 Designer Inspirations for Fall 2014. Isn’t it so much more fun sometimes to express yourself through images? (p.s. Nadia’s Pinterest boards)

The Olympics are giving us so much to talk about. Young winners, disappointments from past favorites, and the Shoshi Games, an amazing tumblr of Zosia Mamet’s character from Girls, Shoshanna, super imposed on this year’s Olympic moments. Hilarious!

We’ve lost some amazing actors in the past week, but Juveria is especially upset over the loss of Shirley Temple Black.  The iconic former child star and diplomat was a glimmer of light and hope during the Depression, an also is Juveria’s birthday twin.

The Goldfinch: still a book giving Nadia great joy “How to Tweet Like Boris from The Goldfinch

Literature lights up the city of lights (Karachi Literature Festival). Nadia would love to be there for one of these.

And while we’re on the topic of Pakistan, this beautiful poem by the Turkish poet, Nazim Hikmet, may resonate with some (it’s sad and nostalgic but beautiful)–

“My Country
I don’t have any caps left made back home
Nor any shoes that trod your roads
I’ve worn out your last shirt quite long ago
It was of Sile cloth
Now you only remain in the whiteness of my hair
Intact in my heart
Now you only remain in the whiteness of my hair
In the lines of my forehead”

On a brighter note, it’s Valentine’s day! Here’s an interesting piece to discuss with your valentine, friends, or whomever, The All-Or-Nothing Marriage, from the New York Times Sunday Review.


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