Chai Break

Everybody needs a nice Chai Break on Monday.

Friday was the nation-wide release of the Oscar nominated Omar, the first Best Foreign Film nominee for Palestine.  (Paradise Now was a nominee from the Palestinian Territory.)  It’s been an exciting road for the filmmaker to create the first ever fully funded Palestinian film.  Also, one of the producers/co-stars grew up in Kuwait and went to Juveria’s high school!  Go see it!

Pakistan’s sole Olympian, Muhammad Karim, may not have been anywhere near the podium for his first event, but he’s done the country proud.  And can we all get one of these helmets? 5305125895328

In case you missed it, our favorite messaging app, Whatsapp, got bought by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion!  Two takeaways: 1. Given the app was down over the weekend, we’re pretty concerned as to how long the app is going to last. 2. We really need to figure out how to make an app so we can retire early!

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester got married this past week, begging the question would Seth and Blair ever have hit it off?  What would happen to Chuck and Summer?!  So many questions.

Literary prizes make books less popular, study finds, From The Guardian UK. Really? I suppose it makes sense.  People rush to read a book based on the prizes it has received. Maybe when reading a prestigious prize-winning novel, we should all lower our expectations and seek out what it was that was prize-worthy. And that may not be the most-gripping plot at times…

And this fun designer collaboration with Target this month. In case anyone wants to get their spring wardrobe going, it’s not too late;) Peter Pilotti for Target. 

Nadia recently watched The Spectacular Now, a lovely dramedy/comedy written in part by the writer of (500) Days of Summer. Good for a night-in.


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