Kondo-ing in time for Spring

Spring-cleaning. It is always something I look forward to as the season finally kondoapproaches on the East Coast. I’m not a huge fan of winter or cold weather. So with spring comes a natural skip in my step and lift in my spirits. Once spring rolls around, I usually do a big spring cleaning. This year I took this to a whole other level! For those who are familiar with it, Marie Kondo’s “Life changing magic of tidying up” is a bit of a phenomenon. People who adopt Kondo’s way of organizing and discarding their belongings feel a strong sense of peace and joy. I needed that “spark joy” element to the things I owned and I also felt a need to rid my space of old energy and welcome fresh new energy. Kondo recommends doing it all at once, but I actually took a few weeks and went room-by-room or group by group (example: clothing, books, toys, furniture!) Even if you think there isn’t much you can do, once you start you realize all of the things you don’t use, don’t need and that simply don’t make you happy. The truth is when we pare down our belongings (and toys in the case of children), we value our things more and use them more too because we finally have space to see them. I am an organized person by nature and like tidying up my space on a daily basis, but for this type of mass purge, you definitely need to be in the mindset.   Once you’re home is rid of all the things you don’t need or want, you will feel a sense of relief. Now, when I light a candle and sit down to read, I feel much lighter.


One thought on “Kondo-ing in time for Spring

  1. Glad to hear your had success with her method. I read her book a year or so back and did a major purge. It really is a powerful method. Have started the process again this spring too, and am looking forward to it. Re: doing it all at once – she actually mentions in the book that in her terms, all at once means a process that would take at least 6 months. I think a lot of people think this is a project that takes a weekend or maybe a week, but in fact, it would take much longer (as it did with you).

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